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TLA’s Talent Management team is one of the world’s leading athlete and personality management groups.  With a diverse client base representing a large variety of sports and broadcasting we have earned the respect of sporting bodies, media outlets, clubs and sponsors alike.

  • Jameis Winston

    Jameis Winston – NFL

  • Carlos Correa

    Carlos Correa – MLB

  • Devonta Freeman

    Devonta Freeman - NFL

  • Genie Bouchard

    Genie Bouchard - Tennis

  • Mookie Betts

    Mookie Betts - MLB

  • Madison Bumgarner

    Madison Bumgarner - MLB

  • cate and bronte campbell

    cate and bronte campbell – Swimming

  • Cyril Rioli

    Cyril Rioli – AFL

  • Jonathan Brown

    Jonathan Brown - Media

  • Chris Hoy

    Sir Chris Hoy MBE – Speakers and Legends

  • Richard Whitehead

    Richard Whitehead MBE – Olympian