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After a successful AFL playing and coaching career, Danielle Laidley is now leading the way in educating all on both transgender issues and the importance of diversity acceptance.

Danielle Laidley (birth name Dean Laidley) played 151 games for West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne football clubs, winning an AFL premiership with the Kangaroos in 1996. She became one of the youngest senior coaches ever at 36, coaching North Melbourne for 149 games across seven seasons from 2003 to 2009.

Building on her experience in training and developing people, Danielle moved into a leadership and management role with the Department of Justice.

She was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and is now an advocate for transgender people, raising awareness in a quest for acceptance of diversity. Danielle lives in Melbourne with her partner, Donna Leckie.

In 2022 Danielle’s memoir ‘Don’t Look Away’ was released. It is available to purchase through Booktopia.

Danielle Laidley Fashion Shoot
Danielle Laidley Fashion Shoot

Speaking Opportunities

Danielle is a sought after speaker, taking audiences through her remarkable journey from early childhood in Perth and a successful AFL playing and coaching career, through to her gender dysphoria diagnosis in midlife.

Her initial presentation will take you through her life journey and is an enlightening experience for all on diversity issues.

Beyond that Danielle then designs follow up presentations touching further on leadership modules, understanding and managing diversity within organisations, building successful teams and creating safe environments for employees.  Modules include:

  1. MBTI personality type assessment. (Half day)
  2. Authentic leadership. (Full day)
  3. Building Inclusive organisational culture and teams. (Full day)

To request more information about Danielle Laidley, please contact Shannon Beck: