TLA Clubhouse supplies amateur sporting clubs with the same suite of quality, BRANDED products and services made available to professional sporting organisations.

Our approach is to engage in a true commercial partnership that focuses on the integration of Fundraising, Events, Sponsorship and Merchandise. We are not looking to simply supply a club with product. We are a professional sports marketing service provider that will assist our clubs to benchmark and improve its product offerings, efficiencies and cost base.

TLA Clubhouse is introducing a competitive advantage to Amateur Sporting Clubs.

On Field Apparel

Puma International has been making high tech football uniforms and boots since 1948. Through TLA Clubhouse the same professional uniforms are now being made available to our amateur clubs to ensure performance, reliability and a great look and feel.

Off Field Merchandise

Club branding within the community is important to the success of sporting clubs. Nothing is as visual as players and supporters wearing their team colours as part of their everyday lives. Our range of supporter wear is fashionable, functional and relevant, so it gets worn, a lot.

Event Merchandise

TLA is a major events host and promoter, so as a merchandise partner we are all about enhancing and extending the fan experience through the use of at venue team and event merchandise.