Rio 2016 Olympic uniform launch

adidas unveils its revolutionary new range for the games of the 31st Olympiad in Rio De Janeiro


19 Apr 2016


TLA partnered with adidas to coordinate the launch of the official uniforms to be worn by the Australian Olympic team during the 2016 Games.

Merging the iconic Australian green and gold colours with adidas’ innovative technologies, which have been enhanced and adapted for the 2016 Games, the adidas uniforms will ensure that the Australian team are given the perfect platform to succeed.

TLA took ownership of organising all aspects of the launch including talent, PR and media coverage, location scouting, bump-in, event operation and bump-out.

Framed by the iconic Sydney Opera House, in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge, talent included Sally Pearson, Kyle Chalmers, Madison Wilson, Morgan Mitchell, Brooke Stratton, Holly Lincoln-Smith, Stephanie Talbot and Adam Gibson.