Corona x
Parley Protect
Paradise 2020

A national media strategy to raise awareness about Corona and Parley’s partnership to protect the world’s oceans from the marine plastic pollution epidemic.


In partnership with Parley, Corona is on a mission to protect Australian beaches and waterways from the growing marine plastic pollution epidemic. Through their global Volunteers for the Ocean initiative, Corona and Parley pledged to clean 1 million square metres of Australian coastline across 20 local beach clean ups in 2020. We were appointed as the PR agency to amplify the awareness of this initiative.


Through a traditional and new media approach, our focus was on securing local media coverage for the scheduled beach clean ups across Australia’s national coastline. Additionally, we also hosted a famil with a group of key influencers and media in Hamilton Island to drive further awareness.

The End Result

The traditional local media approach resulted in campaign and brand mentions across print, online and radio while the activity in Hamilton Island generated content across influencer social media platforms as well as TV, print and online outlets.

Coverage: Visual, Verbal or Written reference to Corona
Reach Across Traditional Media
Social Impressions for Famil Activity
Online Hits
Print Hits
TV Hit