"Chase Your Dream"
PR Campaign

Execute a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) led campaign in the lead up to the biggest sporting event in the world, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


The “Chase Your Dream” campaign was just one of a number of CSR driven projects led by the Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner Bridgestone.

Bridgestone’s aim was to transform, ignite, and inspire Australians young and old through the company’s global message of “Chase Your Dreams”. Our goal was to create and execute a strategy driving awareness of Bridgestone’s Olympic sponsorship, boost brand awareness and positive consumer sentiment, and ultimately drive sales for a commercial ROI.


The first phase of the Team Bridgestone 2020 Olympics campaign saw Australian NBA player Joe Ingles help activate the first community project – a local basketball court refurbishment in Western Sydney. We created a targeted PR strategy, executing a succinct media block with Joe Ingles, leveraging the opportunity with select media and ensuring we could secure a commercial message for Bridgestone.

The End Result

As a result, we secured national coverage on TV, print, radio and online through the dedicated media block, which included exclusives with Seven News, the Daily Telegraph, Men’s Health and Inside Sport.

Total Reach
Page Spread in the Daily Telegraph
Exclusive Media Interviews with Joe Ingles