Oscar Clavarino





Melbourne, Australia


Haileybury / Dandenong Stingrays/ St. Kilda


Oscar Clavarino was picked up by the Saints at pick 35 in the 2017 NAB National Draft. He was the key post for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships and is best suited to an intercept and rebounding role in defence. His disposal was among the very best of the draft crop, holding a kicking efficiency of 74 per cent. His endurance is very high for a taller player, scoring 21.2 on the yo-yo test at the National Combine and showed he could run out games easily throughout the 2017 TAC Cup and APS season.

He is a strong performer in the back half, and a reliable player when the ball in his hands. He also averaged 5.6 marks and 2.6 rebounds per game, placing himself among the elite defenders. He is a natural at reading the ball in flight and positioning himself accordingly, but is certainly suited to the spare man or third man up role.

In his first year at the Saints Clavarino played 17 games for Sandringham in the VFL across half back. Many expected Clavarino to be an early starter in the 2018 season but a pre-season ankle injury has delayed his start. There is no doubting Oscar will only continue to develop into a damaging defender for the Saints.

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