George Horlin-Smith





Adelaide, South Australia


Payneham Norwood / Sturt / Geelong / Gold Coast


Tom Petroro


George Horlin-Smith was drafted by the Geelong Cats with the 37th pick in the 2010 AFL draft after choosing to pursue football over a promising cricket career.

Horlin-Smith played 51 games for the Cats but could never consistently break into the Cats midfield line up. 2014 would be Horlin-Smiths best season which saw 21 AFL games through the midfield but injuries would come at unfortunate times after that.

The 2018 trade period saw Horlin-Smith make a move to Gold Coast in order to bolster their midfield and add leadership around the club. It didn’t take long for Gold Coast to recognize the type of person George is, placing him in the selecting him in the leadership group for 2019.

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