CUB Stella Artois Pavilion

CUB engaged TLA to assist in the management and execution of the Stella Artois Pavilion at the Cairns Amateur Carnival.

Our role at the event:

TLA came on board relatively late in the planning process due to CUB hierarchical shifts. TLA worked closely with CUB to implement a unique race day experience for CUB clients.  TLA’s key areas of involvement were event signage, attendee registration, pavilion functionality, CUB race day activities and audio/visual requirements.

TLA were heavily involved in managing the bump in and bump out of the Stella Artois area. This involved the recruitment and management of casual staff in Cairns to ensure the site was set up to CUB’s specifications. In both the lead up and at the event, TLA worked and communicated strongly with the pavilion theming agency (Underwood Party Hire) to ensure CUB expectations were being surpassed.

This was the first time CUB had used Stella Artois as the main focal point for the pavilion at the Cairns Amateurs Carnival.



CUB was extremely pleased with the overall event and the assistance TLA delivered.  TLA continues to work closely with CUB with plans to once again assist at the Cairns Armatures Carnival in 2018 in their early stages.