Cricket Australia – Events

Cricket Australia continue to choose TLA as their leading Events and PR organisation. Read on to see why!

TLA has been working with Cricket Australia for over 10 years. We have built a strong relationship and we continue to bring new concepts and innovative ideas to the table. Cricket Australia work with several divisions of our business including numerous Events and PR campaigns.

2015 World Cup Celebration

TLA were approached by Cricket Australia to plan and run the Cricket World Cup celebration should the Australian team be successful. As is the nature of the tournament we were only given a week’s notice to plan and deliver this event, to be held at Federation Square on the Monday morning after the World Cup Final. TLA’s tasks included organizing the venue, run-sheet, video content, casual staff, patron giveaways, security and catering for players and team management. Upon confirmation that Australia had won the final the event was to proceed, with bump in to occur from early on Monday morning.

The event was highly successful with massive crowds in attendance to celebrate with the Australian team, as luckily this coincided with the first day of school holidays. The players were presented on stage with the captain and coach being interviewed by the MC. Following this the team participated in the official photo with the trophy, and then all players spent an hour signing autographs for fans in attendance.

2015 Dress Up Deck

TLA were engaged by Cricket Australia to implement the Dress Up Deck program throughout the 2014/15 ODI season. This was the second year TLA has delivered this project which again proved to be a highlight for fans who attended the match and a focal point for broadcasters and the event presentation team.

We installed a large multi-tiered deck at all the ODI venues across the summer allowing the best dressed patrons to enjoy all the action from the best spot in the house.