Carlton Draught Pub Tour

Take 175 people on 1 plane to 5 cities over 7 days...


Carlton Draught Pub Tour Wrap video

Carlton Draught Pub Tour Wrap video

The Carlton Draught Pub tour was a national pub crawl that went to 5 cities in 7 days and toured 175 people by plane for a week they’ll never forget.  TLA were engaged to ensure CUB’s biggest consumer activation to-date was not only entertaining and engaging to the consumers, trade, media and influencers on tour but also had the capability for being amplified to a national audience before, during and after the tour.

TLA created and executed a unique MCG experience in Melbourne, a pop-up beach pub in Perth, re-created Jono Browns Farm on the Gold Coast and held a pub trivia night with the iconic John Burgess and finished it all off with a Super Group performance by ARC in Sydney.

Along with running both day and night events throughout the tour TLA was responsible for content production, distribution, amplification and PR of the tour which exceeded targets by more than 300% and received over 8 million views via social media.

One publican from Melbourne said “I’ve been dealing with CUB for 25 years and this was the best experience they have ever done, the organisation was mind blowing how they got 175 people around the country and entertained us all to such a high level.”